Catfish Wagon

9129 Highway 42, Petal MS

(601) 583-3479

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re: Catfish Wagon on 9129 Highway 42, Petal (601) 583-3479
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Sent on the 6th of July, 2017
Poor The service was poor in that our food was left to set until it was cold. We live less than a mile from the place and had not been in in a great while and now I know why. We were the first in today and we had to ask where our food was after every other customer had been served. The waitress said" I will check on it." and less than a minute later it was delivered. COLD! When I said something to the cashier, she acted as if it was our fault for ordering grilled shrimp. Don't worry. We WILL NOT be back and BAD NEWS TRAVELS FAST!
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